Lem and The White Fire are an exciting new soul pop collective. The band, fronted by quirky vocal powerhouse Lem Parker, are ready to burst onto the scene and make 2017 their year.

Hailing from West Sussex, the young group of talented musicians exude originality and organic talent. A concept devised by lead singer Lem Parker and co-writer Marcus Crowe, the collective encompasses guitars, drums, piano, trumpets and saxophones to create a rich and infectious sound. The song writing team Lem and Marcus (who met purely by chance in a local music shop) are very passionate
about what they deliver in their songs; music is art; art is a form of expression; expression is of a sharing nature which is so important and valuable in the writing process.

The unique appeal of this band is that it brings together real people, real instruments, real talent and most importantly real music. Recorded at the legendary Phoenix Sound in Pinewood Studios, the self-titled EP is a convincing first offering from this gifted emerging act.

The inimitable Lem and The White Fire count amongst their influences Janelle Monae, Adele and even Shirley Bassey, but manage to produce a unique sound captured beautifully in their teaser release ‘Sugarplum’

Lem and The White Fire Released their debut single ‘Telephone’ in June 2013. The single features a sing-a-long chorus and a rousing riff from the brass section of the collective. Reminiscent of KT Tunstall, the single displays the range of styles Lem and the White Fire are capable of whilst providing a confident and catchy debut.

Check out Lem and the White Fire on Facebook, SoundCloud and Twitter, and look out for more new music soon!

Tour Dates

27 Jan
The Foundry
10 Feb
Vintage Valentine Dance Event
Selsey Centre
16 Jun
Buryfields Festival



“The showmanship that Lem and the White Fire exude in live performance is matched by catchy melodies, clever instrumentation and sophisticated pop harmonies. Influenced by a range of musical styles this group, led by the magnetic and quirky charm of Lem, produces a live performance that is both polished and full of high energy. The songs are reflective of an eclectic musical personality but they never feel disjointed – indeed they expose new perceptions on every day themes. Theirs is a refreshing sound combined with imagination, individuality and fantastic musicians: Lem and the White Fire is a live experience that people will remember for a long time.”

Louise Jackson; Senior Lecturer and Academic Development Coordinator (Music) of Chichester University

“Fantastic gig, you guys really rocked the place. We haven’t had a capacity crowd like that for some time; you have a great sound, and hope all the hard work you have put into this pays off for Lem and the White Fire”

Nick; Chichester Inn

“Lem and The White Fire were the talk of the day at the recent Get Rompered Festival in Manchester. A mid afternoon slot didn’t do the guys justice, but for those that witnessed them, were treated to a thoroughly entertaining hour of music. Excellently crafted songs, had all the audience captivated and singing along later in the set. Lem herself has a wonderful clear voice perfectly complimented by the tremendous harmonies provided by the backing vocalists. It wont be long before we see and hear Lem and the White Fire on bigger stages. The amount of people who have asked me about them is something. They left quite an impression.”

Jason; Director of music at Get Rompered Festival

[Referring to the song ‘Poison’] “Lem – The keychange made me orgasm by an 1/8!”

Dr Adam Swayne; Pianist, composer, conductor and Senior Lecturer in Music and Music Theatre at The University of Chichester

“Blimey Girl you got lungs, what a voice! Shirley Bassey would be proud”

Antonia Brickell, BBC Radio Cambridge

Burning brightly at the Barfly on Saturday night, Lem and the White Fire gave a scorching performance, to warm a wet wintery evening. Led by Lem Parker, the White Fire are an eleven piece (yep, you read that right!) band who produce a kind of infectious pop soul fusion that is totally unique, yet somehow huggingly familiar. Lem’s vocals were nothing short astounding, further enhanced by the melodic counterpoint of Susie and Niamh who are so much more than mere backing singers, the White Fire took us from upbeat, uptempo swing songs right from the start, through heart rending ballads to a euphoric big finish for a very appreciative audience, who were easily won over by the gorgeously catchy songs, performed perfectly by the eclectic collection of immensely talented musicians that comprise the band. We sincerely hope 2013 will be a big year for them (and deservedly so!) with a debut album due, but if you can’t wait for that, then there is a six track EP available here http://lemandthewhitefire.bandcamp.com/

Surrounded By Review

Lem we are all in love with you and the band – awesome!

Guy - Director at Rugfest Wallingford